IDK about his dresses in Ocean’s 8, but . . .

Article here.

Celebrity, slightly schlocky  fashion designer, Dennis Basso, was excited that his gowns and his person were appearing in Ocean’s 8, Richard Armitage’s newest announced gig.

Instead of a mostly male heist crew ripping off a Las Vegas casino, in the girl’s version – what else? – they’re ripping off some jewels or art at a well known fashion event, the annual Met Gala. For those who may not know, the purpose of the annual Met Gala is to raise funds for the Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Institute, which launches its annual fashion exhibit simultaneously with the ball, which itself, used to be named after the Institute. ( Basso still uses the old name.)

The event has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. The celebs, fashion industry and other notables, enjoy a scrumptious dinner in the Executive dining room overlooking Central Park. Everyone else who’s invited gets dressed up to mingle, eat and drink in the museum proper – usually in the huge main lobby, the Mezzanine lobby  and the Temple of Dendur.

From the interview, I think Dennis Basso’s dresses were worn by the ordinary folks rather than the glitterati.

All that aside – some of you will thank me for this later – forget Dennis Basso’s fashions  (on QVC and elsewhere). Forget Ocean’s 8 for a minute.

Dennis Basso has the best shrimp scampi recipe I’ve ever tried. (Forget the River Salad)

Find it here. You can even watch the segment where he makes it with Martha.

hints: Don’t skimp on the shrimp size. Go for the colossal ( 6-8); don’t over-marinate the shrimp, or it will cook; try home-made bread crumbs in a size a little larger than ready made, but watch them carefully for that last step.   Serve with a simple linguine or spaghetti,  dressed with a little lemon and olive oil, red pepper flakes, ( maybe some garlic)- because the sauce from the shrimp does all the work.    In fact, this is a dish where garlic bread crumbs on the pasta, instead of cheese, would work really well.


6 thoughts on “IDK about his dresses in Ocean’s 8, but . . .

  1. That is a location I have been to , missed the Temple of Dendur sadly, the museum is massive I guess we took too long over the Monet paintings.


  2. You need to do a little more research on Denis Basso. Yes, he does sell a line of fashion on QVC, but that’s so he can.bring his fashions to the average Joe. He happens to also have a high end boutique on Madison Ave in New York City…probably in other metropolitan cities as well. To call his dresses, “schlocky” seems a bit unfair. He is a designer to the.stars, but like many designers, he creates his fashions for all people to enjoy, or in your case, maybe not.


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