More Than a Cameo for Armitage

here  This, to me, confirms what other fans, including Heather Parrish have surmised – that Richard Armitage’s role is more than a cameo, albeit, it could/probably is  a small small role.

I wonder why it is that a film that’s been underway in production for so many months has cast a character so late in the game? Or is it just that the announcement was delayed for unknown reasons? Have the writers added a bit that wasn’t there before? Did someone drop out? Is this role the reason that  the Miles announcement was a misstep? Can anyone blame Armitage for ditching  MIles  for this, if that’s the case? Will Richard Armitage acknowledge the role on Twitter and silence those fans who are wailing over his own silence? Is Richard Armitage back in New York? Is he dressed warmly enough? Is he going to the Women’s March on Saturday?

I don’t know the answers to these questions. Maybe, if he has a chance to promote the film ( if he’s included, what with all those big names) we’ll learn some details.

The only answer I know is that Richard Armitage was not seen in Atlantic City in  dealer school learning black jack. ‘Twas just a joke in light of his penchant for studying up on his roles. Too bad, because … hand porn.


14 thoughts on “More Than a Cameo for Armitage

  1. Replying to your most urgent question, yes he’s probably warm enough, because we know from his appearance as a gift elf on that morning news show that he owns one of those fancy Canadian parkas.

    Yes, this reply is a sarcastic joke on the ruminations of fans, in case anyone is unsure. I admit I ruminate, but usually not publicly. This time, I couldn’t resist Perry’s bait.

    Thanks, Perry! It’s early afternoon, and you’ve already filled my LOL quota for the day!

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    • If only we did’t feel the need to announce our sarcasm and jokes ahead of time ( or after)- but apparently, we do.Can a parka be fancy? Well, he’s a skier after all, so he probably has use of it on the slopes or apres ski. I haven’t checked yet, but I fear if he hasn’t said something himself on Twitter, a segment of fans is going to burst. It’s like the wailing wall out there. Glad to give a laugh.

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    • Fancy Canadian parkas you mean that Canada Goose that every celebrity must wear along with the G on G Gucci belt I see on every actress around these days. What show was he a gift Elf on? The Today Show?


  2. Just because he wasn’t ‘seen’, doesn’t mean he wasn’t ‘there’ (in Atlantic City – or even Las Vegas):-)
    I would like to hear it from the horse’s mouth, but perhaps he’s under some contractual obligation to remain ‘under cover’ 😉


  3. Well, if the necklace heist is at the Met gala, maybe Richard’s character is a competing thief for nicking the necklace? And neither the Ocean’s Eight gals nor Richard as thief knew of each other’s existence. But they end up teaming up to thwart security. *wink*


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