New Projects: This Could Be Fun – #Richard Armitage in Ocean’s 8

It’s a long wait for Ocean’s 8 – I know, but, at least he’s not a robot. (  I Don’t think this explains the Miles tweet/delete controversy though.

Word has it ( unconfirmed) that Armitage is currently in dealer school somewhere in Atlantic City learning how to deal blackjack.

Oh, the gambling jokes abound.



6 thoughts on “New Projects: This Could Be Fun – #Richard Armitage in Ocean’s 8

  1. Glad it’s a high profile movie, but I would have preferred Miles. I hate the all female remake – pardon, spin-off.
    Not sure it’s why he pulled out from it, as you said. Small role are a week-time thing, he could have probably done both, or he already filmed his part for O8 since they started late October. This could also explain why Sarah Poulson was at LLL premiere.


    • Yes – good thinking on the Sarah Poulson point. I thought maybe she had a connection to RTC. But if he were already filming, working, I wonder why they held off announcing ? Possibly because with BS AND LLL it would not have had the impact?


      • Sarah Paulson has done at least two seasons with Roundabout and Mindy Kaling is friends with Zoe Kazan. Doesn’t mean they weren’t also there to support RA if they were working with him, but they also had other connections to the theater. On the other hand, if they weren’t there for RA, and a few weeks later they could speak to his comedic chops to the 08 producers (Sandra Bullock being one) and director when his name is brought up as a casting possibility, it couldn’t have hurt.

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    • I think it could be fun with all women. Using some of the same, but also different skills to pull the heist. They’ve always been light-hearted, eye-candy, fun films. ( Though I think I’m behind and haven’t seen them all. In fact, I think I’ve only seen two with Cloooney and the original at some time or another.


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