New Project: Back for This

5 thoughts on “New Project: Back for This

    • He must have some say in these decisions. Right now, all speculation, but my best guess is that his work in this film is of very short duration. I think it will be released though, because as I mentioned in one of today’s post -there was apparently a bidding war for producers and they have all their distributors – nat’l and int’l lined up.


  1. I hope so Perry. I wonder when BS will start shooting? Have we heard if he has signed to do second season? I imagine he will continue to stay with the series. I do hope the script writing will improve, last season had too many unfinished tangents.

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  2. i kind of agree with jane about Mr. Richard Armitage’s agent, I was wondering how come his agent never mention that t.v. movie about king Richard III on PBS that starred benedict cumberbach(sorry I don’t know how to spell his last name). Mr. Richard Armitage says he would love to play king Richard III in a movie or stage, etc. I was just wondering how come his agent didn’t mention it. I think what a good movie for him to do is a comedy/mystery, something like the movie CLUE that starred Tim Curry, maybe do an updated version of CLUE or something like it.

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    • My guess is that BBC went directly for BC. Richard Armitage is a little old for Richard III; we don’t know what his agent did or didn’t do, except there were any number of roles in that series suitable for Armitage.

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