New #RichardArmitage Interview -Wants to Leave U.S.

here in translation from link provided by RichardArmitageNet.Com

Notable quotes for me: ON LIVING IN US “My home is, obviously, in England and I really hope to be able to get back next year. After all that happened here in terms of politics, I feel a strong urge to get out…[emphasis supplied] I feel that I have achieved what I came here for, and the idea of coming back fills me with warmth. I love America, I love working here, but I am far from my friends and family and it’s not easy”.

(Since this is a translation, I don’t know whether he actually said he had strong urge “to get out” of America or what else was said in the ellipses. I wonder what it was he came here to achieve and why he thinks he’s met that goal. I guess two American TV series is nothing to scoff at, but as to the rest . . .

On Berlin Station – glad he noticed it, too. Don;t agree with his conclusion ( in the full link) that it all worked out reasonably.

The amazing thing is that during the filming we felt like we were pushing the story to the edge of reasonable for the sake of drama,



19 thoughts on “New #RichardArmitage Interview -Wants to Leave U.S.

  1. I’m always kind of ambivalent about these kind of statements…especially when they’re elliptical.

    Obviously, home is home, and it’s understandable that a professional relocation presents all sorts of personal challenges. But given that he frequently spends extended periods of time on location, it makes me wonder how much he “lives” anywhere really.

    That said, I’m thin skinned enough to feel a slight pique of “Fine.” at the mention of wanting to “get out” as if the zombie apocalypse is nigh.

    But, at the same time, I can also understand the urge to leave…I’m a native born American, and if not for my very strong family ties, the current political/social climate would likely drive me elsewhere – at least temporarily.

    Yep…ambivalent seems to be the word.

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  2. News I’ve been waiting to hear for a long time – he simply seems to belong there. Hopefully he’ll be settling down at last – about time. I suppose he’ll be spending time in Berlin again for 2nd series as well.

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  3. I know there are going to be some fans who are going to be sad if Mr. Richard Armitage leaves the United States, but I think it is best that he does leave and go home especially since his parents are getting older (sorry for saying that), and that Mr. Richard Armitage should try his best to spend some time with them. P.S. Happy New Year, Perry


  4. I’m in no position to critique the translation, but this is one of those “game of telephone” situations (double translation plus original interview probably conducted by a non-native speaker). “Get back” sounds like a visit “get out” sounds like flight, “coming back” sounds like a choice, but I have no way of knowing what was said originally.

    That said, as he is sadly not living with me (!), he should live where he wants, no skin off my nose wherever that is. As Obscura says, he’s on location half the time anyway.


  5. I also wonder how much time he has actually spent in NYC over the past five years. When he spoke about eventually buying a house in London he referred to it as a ‘base’ it strikes me he lives a lot of time out of suitcases, the nature of the business I suppose. He speaks of missing friends but he also mentioned friends in New York way back, ten years or so, what’s happened to them? Perhaps it will become clearer soon, he may have had the end of play ‘blues’ when he was interviewed and things are not quite as the article would suggest.


  6. Home where family and friends are is quite the pull. I had felt that myself in my younger years when I had moved 2 states away. And with his aging parents added into the mix? Their final years are precious. And wherever his next acting job takes him, he’s only a plane ride away if it is outside of England.
    Happy New Year Cheers!


  7. He should certainly live where he’s happy during his rare time at “home,” and I’ve often wondered what “home” even means to someone whose work leaves him so rootless. (I will confess, though, to a twinge of regret; I’ll never know the man, but sometimes it was nice hearing that he was in the general ‘hood, as ridiculous as that sounds! Oh, well. ) It’s hard to tell what’s really driving him here: family/friends, Trump, or career. The interview would have taken place in the weeks right after the election when everyone reeling (not that I’ve stopped reeling). I had my own thoughts of fleeing but until I’m in mortal danger am committed to standing up for those who actually could be in danger under DT. But I don’t blame expats for weighing the option of leaving, though, and several expat friends of mine have voiced similar things.

    The big question for me though, is career. I agree, Perry – how did he define success here and does he really think he’s achieved it? We never know about the parts he doesn’t get. On the one hand, he used to talk of the need to “try America,” so I always knew it was an experiment that could end someday. And he can be based anywhere and still work in the US, though we know of a few coming projects that are based in Europe. But on the other hand, what are his career goals now? Will his focus now turn more exclusively to Europe-based work?


    • Just to reiterate my reply to your later tweet – I understand the pull to get “home,” but I think we are b=both ( and more of us) a little unclear about what he thought he would achieve moving here and what he thinks he has achieved, because objectively, he had a dead period for a while, and then steady work – but only a few pieces were shot in the U.S anyway. (ITS and Sleepwalker, I think) Everything else was elsewhere, in Ireland, the UK, Berlin, Belgium, Spain and Canada – and of course, the three month stint in London for The Crucible. Anyway, even, or specially, American based film companies are shooting all over the globe.


  8. Also: I was happy to see him single out Richard Jenkins among the BS actors – first time I recall him doing that. I thought his BS character was poorly written but he’s still an incredible actor. I recently re-watched the outstanding Olive Kitteridge with a new appreciation for his interface with Zoe Kazan, having enjoyed her so much in LLL this fall.


    • I agree about Jenkins. There were aspects of his performance in BS that I loved ( his phumphering when he was searching for an answer or reacting, and not knowing whether he was as clueless as he sometimes seemed, or super shrwd – but overall, it was an unlikeable character. He was great in OK. Didn’t realize about Zoe in that will have to take another look.


  9. Completely agree with Servetus above. Much is lost in translation, particularly if the translator is unauthorized.
    I took the statement as Richard’s coming back to Britain this year to work so his statement is open to interpretation.


    • I’m answering this after we learned about Miles, so I don’t know – but yes, I would assume that part of his decision is based on having lined up work in Europe – we think we know about Berlin Station this spring, at any rate.


  10. Considering he “stays at home” very few days per year, I think that come back to the UK is a very logical thing to do, so that during those few days, he will be closer to his family. In the end, he does not need to live in US to work there… maybe if he would have been someone who likes to do PR, and to attend to the StarSystem’s parties etc, to live in US would have been more usefull.


    • All true – Just pondering on what really changed. He lived in NY for what – about 4 years, before he got cast in a NYC play – so just theater couldn’t have been the reason.


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