#RichardArmitage’s End of Year Message

I haven’t read it yet. I imagine you will be hearing from me as I, uh, overanalyze it. I can see already that I’m not too happy about his graphic.

here For those not on Facebook



3 thoughts on “#RichardArmitage’s End of Year Message

  1. Well putting it on FB made it easy for people to comment on, he comes over as tired and depressed to me , a chore to be done with earlier each year.


  2. I read this message almost 2 years later and I know from chit chat with commenters/bloggers that 2017 message was a bit preachy to many not all. So I wonder what you think the 2016 message which sounds a bit preachy to me and a plug for his charities (almost like he buried his lead) differs or is the same as 2017? Do you think this year he will get more personal about his mom’s passing or continue on the Empathy+Unity theme?


  3. I’m the wrong fan to ask. I’m anti-holiday message. I’ve never felt comfortable with the idea of it, its execution and especially, how segments of the fandom react/relate to it. “The Message” has caused numerous conflicts in the fandom. But it’s an opportunity to promote his charities. I think he will mention the loss of his mother – maybe close out the year with one last push for the hospice.


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