The Twelve Days of Christmas – DAY 1 [Raffle]

GUYLTY’S DAY 1 of her 12 day Christmas raffle is up and running. A stunning, polished photo book from her trip to NYC.

Guylty Pleasure


Hooray, and welcome to the first of my Twelve Days of Christmas! As explained in yesterday’s post, I am going to raffle a few bits and pieces over the coming week and a half, some small, some a bit bigger. Let’s start with an item which I am really pleased with because it actually serves a couple of charitable purposes. Without further ado, here it comes:


Day 1 brings you a chance to win a printed, hard cover photo book of New York.


New York through the digital lens of yours truly, and all in classy b/w. The book contains 24 pages and is a standard landscape format, 10×8 in (25×20 cm), hard cover. 


My video above is for the quick run-through only. If you would like to take a closer look, you can flick through the book over at Blurb, following this link or clicking on the picture below.

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