#RichardArmitage Vid of Today Show Appearance

Thanks to @KellyDuck ( video by Crissyinwm)

5 thoughts on “#RichardArmitage Vid of Today Show Appearance

    • He quickly mentioned both projects, but you’d have to be listening closely. Sometimes the celebrity elves have an indoor interview before they outside, or vice versa. So, I guess promotion. But it is a step up to be a celebrity elf as opposed to an interview on one of the later hours – just my opinion. He didn’t make it for the The Hobbit, Lee Pace and others did.


      • I agree it is good from the standpoint of him being important, but the timing is odd. It would have made more sense at the beginning rather than end of LLL or Berlin Station. That was my point in asking the question.


        • So, maybe Today was willing to give him a full interview, and the Christmas toy drive, where they have celebrity elves was the best he could get – hence the timing.(after the lighting of the Rockefeller Center Tree, I think)


          • RA standing in a group with evil Matt Lauer is hard to look at. Can’t figure out how that creepy misogynist keeps his job. Was so much nicer seeing him interviewed by Ann Curry in New Zealand.


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