Hewson/Armitage R&J is already a Bestseller.

6 thoughts on “Hewson/Armitage R&J is already a Bestseller.

  1. It had penetrated onto some of their English site lists yesterday afternoon already. Not the fantastic showing of Hamlet but it occurred to me that maybe that’s the purpose of the encouragement to pre-order — to ensure it shows up on those lists, thus potentially causing more people to notice it.


    • Which helps answer the question, why offer pre-order to begin with since they don’t charge until release. Hamlet may have benefited from A.J.Hartley’s fan base, which might help explain the difference in performance, if there is one. I don’t know if they’ve given the rank yet. II see nothing for it on Amazon in bestsellers. Or, the general is no less excited about R & J than some of us are.

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  2. I bought it on iTunes — a few dollars less and no commitment to ongoing Audible purchases. I wonder does that show up on the statistics?


    • I would think so. When you download a book from Audible.com to your laptop, as i do ( along with a version on my Kindle), the audiobook, cover and all, shows up in ITunes app on the laptop. So, I think they have a partnership of sorts, maybe iTunes gets a flat fee for providing a platform/software for download listening other than Kindle. assume yu can only get it in your iTunes app – otherwise, I wonder why it is less money.


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