I’ve wanted a pic like this forever

Oh, FFS! Some kind fan will post a better version.



8 thoughts on “I’ve wanted a pic like this forever

    • I know = and this one looks the most authentic to me. The screenshot of him lighting it, too – but my copy ( resolution because of streaming) was so bad, I didn’t post it. What do you think it is that gets us? Maybe it recalls good memories? I, at least, was a long time heavy smoker – but you said you never had a cigarette. AH – just to be sitting next to him, sharing a smoke.


      • P.S. Had to look up your Latin/religious reference – but I was able to wait until after I replied – I sort o got it from context and extra textual sources. (yours)


        • Sorry about that — it was late 🙂

          No, I’ve never even tried a cigarette, not even been tempted. ExSO was a light smoker (on vacations, when in a bar with friends, occasionally one at the end of a meal, usually outside). It reminds me of him a little. It just looks sexy as hell. Somehow the smoke frames the mouth and the hands; it is a way of indicating insouciance; the ember on the end is like an additional reminder to take notice — I don’t even know why. Just know I love it. Makes me want to kiss him even though I know I won’t like the taste of the kiss. These moments were great and long after we’ve forgotten this series we will be looking at them … aaaah ….


  1. I wish him some great winter holidays, away from all pollution, to recover pink lungs.
    I suggest henceforth to offer him, at stage door, oxygenating green plants. SMILEY


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