@RCArmitage to Live Tweet Berlin Station Ep 7 Tonight.

5 thoughts on “@RCArmitage to Live Tweet Berlin Station Ep 7 Tonight.

    • I’ll do something like that. KellyDuck suggested watching the first tie without the live tweets, and then following the tweets for your second viewing – but I find I can just read the tweets later and it makes sense, when it makes sense at all.

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      • Yeah about reading the tweets the second time through the episode!

        And when we did Armitage watches on various N&S or Guy or Porter episodes, I think most if not all of us had seen the shows before. So it was fun tweeting together


    • It was difficult in the beginning, but as the weeks went by I got into a rhythm. BS on tv, main tweeter, Richard or Leland on tablet, secondary tweeter on phone. I got used to all the multitasking live, although I do not respond to tweets live. I go back through and respond after. I also rewatch episode, however, it’s the sort of show I would watch two or three times anyway to catch everything. You need to pay attention to everything going on. 😎

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      • Hi Jane, I also watch episodes at least a 2nd time to catch all the embedded clues–which are often visual and pass by very quickly. Berlin Station seems very film noirish that way. And it is like a puzzle whose box top picture indicates a different image than what seems to be being revealed. Holiday Cheers! Grati ;->


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