Fan Shared Love – and not Richard Armitage

Thank you Heather Parrish ( Fully Grown-up Fan GirlFully Grown-up Fan Girl) Heather and I like hankies. She collects vintage ones, and I was sort of Hanky-broke – with just two to my name. Recently she posted a tweet celebrating a score she made in a thrift shop or tag sale where she picked up a number of great specimens for a song.

“Let’s make a deal”, I suggested. A Playbill from Love, Love, Love
for a hanky, everything completed through the U.S. Postal Service – a luxury for me since Mexican mail is very iffy ( but believe it or not, I received a hard copy of my absentee ballot delivered through my front gate – Kudos NY Board of Elections). Since I was going to be in New York for long enough to get and send mail, we could enjoy some almost immediate gratification.

Heather got hers

And when I arrived at my friends’ apartment, waiting for me was an envelope containing a lovely note, and not one, not two, but three very special and beautiful hankies selected by Heather for me. One of them got some use during a performance of Love, Love, Love.

Fun fandom.

6 thoughts on “Fan Shared Love – and not Richard Armitage

  1. A loving swap if ever there was one. You each received a gift of joy from the other’s heart. Items of non-monetary worth for each side. 😇 💕 😇 💕 💞


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