The Obligatory #LLLPics


9 thoughts on “The Obligatory #LLLPics

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    • True. Many fans had the same or similar seats as I had those two nights) Even the small shift in seating from one night to the next made a difference. Perhaps RTC wanted to get as many seats in as possible in a small space, because in Broadway theaters, the seat are not that close, and the stage is much higher. He did stand right at he end of the stage in front of me a few times – close enough to see crinkles around his aged 19 year old eyes.

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      • Being first row in a Broadway theatre isn’t as much fun because you’re looking up the whole time and your view is distorted. (That said, I still like to be close.) But in the off-BW theatres and especially off-off, it’s a fantastic experience for a fan! Well worth paying extra for those indelible memories.


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