Perry’s New York Slice – So Far

Re: That New York Bucket List

Within 20 minutes after dropping my luggage off – there I went – La Traviata- West 68th Street.


Did some shopping – not enough.

Definitely experiencing crisp fall air, ( and nasty cold rain yesterday)

Scored that New York bagel.

Doesn’t seem like I’m going to see those changing leaves – but SIL and I plan to search some more tomorrow.

Will be doing lots of laughing ( and have been) –

Oh – yeah -have seen Richard Armitage in Love, Love, Love



That lobster dinner


Coming up – That October Beach and Pastrami.

Have yet to see any Berlin Station promotion, although I’ve seen numerous buses, been on the subway and seen and taken a number of taxis. I wonder if the taxis have shifted their ads – though I did spot one for Graves yesterday. And, I watched EPIX.



12 thoughts on “Perry’s New York Slice – So Far

  1. Think it will be mostly rain free, except maybe Sunday. The Berlin Station taxi ads are on the flip side of the Graves ads–Epix got a twofer! Don’t forget to look for the Big Times Square digital commercial and there’s a subway ad by the entrance to shuttle in Grand Central. Hope you have a great visit!


    • Thank you Daphne. I guess I was on the wrong side of Broadway when I saw the Graves ad on the cab. I’ve been to three subway stations on my travels ( more to come.) I won’t make it to Grand Central, and I am definitely not going into Times Square. So it’s the bus, the subway, the taxi or nothing. Luckily, there are plenty of pics on line – and, it was fun to turn EPIX on the TV and watch BS on demand.

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  2. Glad your getting your NYC food fix. The foliage may have done it’s best this year, but between drought, wind, rain, and wet snow, and so many off the trees now, hopes for glorious colours may be dashed. Your bow shot is different than any we’ve seen so far, I think.


    • Thanks. The trees are still green. That’s the issue. There is the occasional orangish tree tucked in ( probably all the same type of tree) but otherwise, everything is very green. I am on Eastern Long Island now where they are ahead of what’s happening in the city – so the trees were even greener in the City. Still, I may get lucky someplace – maybe out here, a little further from the water – that’s what we’re going to look for,


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