Wall Street Journal – #LLLP Should Tfr to Broadway

here Great review.

The Roundabout has missed a trick: “Love, Love, Love” really should have opened on Broadway, and I trust it will transfer there once a theater is free. Yes, it’s gloriously funny, but it’s also an important play, one whose harsh message deserves to be heard far more widely. Regional theaters, take note!

6 thoughts on “Wall Street Journal – #LLLP Should Tfr to Broadway

  1. I’m late to comment on the opening due to travel this week. I just read another review that also hinted toward a move of the play to Broadway (the other article mentioned The Humans, which opened at Roundabout too, apparently). How likely is this given how well the play is reviewing? I’m wondering how this would be feasible with Richard’s Berlin Station commitments. Would Daniel indeed have to be killed off at the end of the season?


    • I don’t have all the answers for you. It is likely that the play could move to Broadway – apparently they need (a) a theater that’s available and (b) a cast. Would the cast stay the same, at least for part of a Broadway move? IDK. It is possible that this eventually was built in to original contract. It is possible that another 6 month would not interfere with BS even if Daniel lives. RTC has a good record of moving plays to Broadway. That’s all I know.


      • Interesting, as a Broadway debut would be huge for Richard’s stage career. This play is supposed to complete by the end of the year, so you are right that if there was a theater and everyone else was available too, then it could at least run through the spring. A new cast would be risky — the two leads are excellent and have great chemistry, and I’m not sure every excellent actor could pull it off.


        • The main issue is probably the director, IMO, rather than any particular cast member. I assume Mayer would be interested.

          I personally think this play is too light-weight to essentially double its audiences, but I haven’t seen the production yet. It’s not anywhere near as “deep” as Charles III, for instance. Although maybe they would undertake further revisions to the script.


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