Fan Daphne Does it Again – #LLLPlay Conversation

Check out Daphne’s tweets @DaphneHs, who has seen the play umpteen times ( and reports on changes – some even made this week), and who tweetd about the after-play discussion today, featuring Richard Armitage. Here are a few:

cu1n0pbwyaa4nz2and new hair for Acti I – (Some of us are happy about that)

13 thoughts on “Fan Daphne Does it Again – #LLLPlay Conversation

  1. Wonderful, Daphne! I’m definitely pleased about the hair news. Now Perry’s friends will understand the attraction to RA from the beginning.

    It would be great if you have some time to write about highlights from Richard’s interview.


  2. I’m still pinching myself over how lucky I was–I totally didn’t expect an extra 45 minutes of RA post-show! From the description of the Lecture series on the Roundabout website I was expecting just Roundabout staff or someone from the production crew–at the most, Michael Mayer or Mike Bartlett, which would have been pretty great too, don’t get me wrong! And then to be able to record most of it on my phone–even though there wasn’t an announcement prohibiting photos or recording I kept expecting an usher to ask me to stop recording. Maybe they didn’t notice–I was trying to be as discreet as possible and actually held my phone by my lap and just angled it up so I could see what I was recording when I glanced down. I’m pretty sure RA knew I was recording because I was right in his sightline as you can see from my photo and he was generally looking in my direction for most of the talk. At one point he moved his chair slightly so his crotch wasn’t directly centered in front of me–he must have realized that me and my camera were getting an eyeful, lol!! (in case anyone is curious I was in seat C2).

    I’m still in the middle of uploading to Youtube–I started last night and it’s still going on. As soon as Part 1 is done I’ll put a link here–I was able to get most except for the first 30 seconds or so as I fumbled from taking some quick photos to video. RA does talk politics on both sides of the Pond so warning for those who would prefer to avoid political talk. Also, for those who want to remain unspoiled there are HUGE SPOILERS for the show. The first half is about 25 minutes which is why it’s taking so long to upload (I’m sure if I knew more tech I could have simplified the process somehow). Part 2 is the audience Q & A and I wasn’t able to get the last 5 minutes as my memory got full so it’s only about 13 minutes long. So those are the tidbits I’m tweeting about since I couldn’t get video of it. Please ask if you have any questions–I’m happy to answer if I can!

    And now onto the hair–it’s now a bit more George Harrison now and I heartily approve! For one thing it makes the brothers look more alike which I think is a good thing. And now his nape as well as his chest is exposed which me likey! 😉

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  3. While we’re waiting for the video, ( unless it’s up by now) ,fans would really love to know these details. I would love to post your comment separately unless you posted this story someplace else.


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  5. Okay, while we wait for the vids to finish uploading and before Berlin Station episode 1 airs, here’s a quick rundown of the talk. Just in case there’s anything doubt, there will be MASSIVE SPOILERS for Love, Love, Love so please don’t read if you want to remain unspoiled.

    So the interviewer/moderator is the same person who interviewed Amy Ryan for the Love, Love, Love education guide, Ted Sod. Ted explains the ground rules while we wait for RA to finish his shower (so he does shower there–boy, he definitely is not taking his time since it’s barely 10 minutes from the curtain call to the start of the talk, if not less). Ted then talks a little about the background of Mike Bartlett and the play. While he’s talking RA rushes onstage, apologizing for keeping us waiting. His hair looks damp and his shirt isn’t tucked in but he’s still looking mighty fine. 😉 Then they start talking about the show right away, RA saying how much he loves performing it every night–he compares it to a “tonic”. They talk about the different generations–Ted is a Baby Boomer, and tells RA that he’s Gen X. RA says “Nirvana” as a reply, then explains the the first day of rehearsal they all figured out they could separate out the different generations by their music.

    Then they start talking about RA’s background–Ted says he looked up RA on the internet(!) and found out some interesting stuff about his background. And of course he brings up the circus. So RA explains how he began his career, and this segues into his musical theater background and schooling. He says he plays both cello and flute and he started the flute because it was too hard for him to find a seat on the bus with his cello! LOL. He says that one of the things that’s been a driving force for him in his career is knowing that his mom worked hard to be able to send him to Pattinson’s and he never forgets that. He talks about musical theater as a misstep and how for a long time afterwards he would reject that part of his career but in the last few years he’s found himself recalling that part of his training in his work (basically once a dancer, always a dancer). The physical training is something he still uses especially in comedy work.

    Then they talk about Mike Bartlett and how RA first become aware of his work–and I have to say hearing RA say “Cock” was a highlight of the lecture! He didn’t see King Charles !!! b/c it ran the same time as The Crucible. But RA says realizing that Mike Bartlett is a drummer really illuminated the play for him because there’s something in the rhythm and speed of Mike’s use of language is very musical to RA.

    Then they move on to RA’s process as an actor which leads to another totally cute moment when Ted says he once asked Alan Cumming about his process and Alan replied “I’m not a cheese.” After RA laughs he then deadpans, “I’m a ham.” Kill me now, that such an adorable response.

    RA talked about his background work and reading, and then a bit about the politics of the period they’re playing. He’s asked if he put together a background bio for Kenneth beyond what Mike Bartlett provides–he does indeed, based on Kenneth’s aspirations to be a travel writer he thinks Kenneth becomes a magazine writer for a pub like Time Out. (Here we disagree–I don’t think Kenneth and Sandra could afford their lifestyle if he was a magazine writer, I think Kenneth of doing something more like advertising where he’d get better money than magazine). RA also totally dumps on poor Reading–when asked if it’s like living in Connecticut or New Jersey he says it’s more like Scranton, LOL!! I think RA purposefully exaggerates that–he probably expects a lot of the audience comes from CT and NJ and wanted to pick someplace further out.

    There’s a lot of discussion about the play and the characters, and somewhere at this point I realize I should magnify the screen so that RA is more visible. Sorry about that–I was so convinced that I would be asked to stop recording that I didn’t really think about the quality of the video until halfway through! There’s some really interesting stuff about the tension between brothers, and how it verges on uncomfortable (something I’ve noted but couldn’t put my finger on) and how Act 2 is such precision work (how unlike act 1 where Ken can’t keep his eyes off Sandra in Act 2 he can’t seem to keep track of her until the end of the act and the breakdown of their marriage). But at the end of the first part there’s a long discussion about Ken’s decision to say no to Rose’s demand for a house, and RA confesses that he struggles with it every night, and he believes that Ken genuinely does love his daughter still. This point will come up in the Q & A, in one of the questions I didn’t record.

    So the Q & A begins with a question that leads to a lot of political talk from RA on both the election and Brexit. He calls it a Pandora’s Box and that there’s no going back to what we had before, and I think he meant it in both US and UK. I’m primarily going to just talk about the stuff that I didn’t tape now–as he said above, he struggles with Ken’s no to Rose, and he’s tempted to one night just to go to hell with it and say yes, and see how everyone reacts! He jokes that maybe he’ll even do it in that evening’s show (am assuming he did not). He gave the most adorable shrug here when talking about it–I do wish I could have captured that moment, ugh.

    He says that he’s looking forward to performing the show for Millennials as part of Roundabout’s education program. He and Amy can often tell who’s in the audience by what they find funny–he says Amy will say to him in the wings in-between their scenes “the audience really hates Sandra tonight!” He thinks the most interesting audience would be Boomers who are there with their children. He was asked who he thought Mike Bartlett’s surrogate character is, and he says you can usually tell in a play right away, but it’s really difficult in Love, Love, Love. He thinks it shifts in the acts–the only time he’s sure is Act 3 where he thinks Mike is speaking through Rose.

    So that’s it for my very abbreviated rundown–there’s a lot I didn’t cover but good news, I think the vid is nearly done uploading! I think I’ll post it tomorrow though since it’s almost time for Live tweetiing with RA and Berlin Station! See you on the other side.

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