Discussing Lucas vs. Daniel, and More #RichardArmitage

here on Hidden Remote

This is a long interview, so a lot was not edited out IMO. Once again, I think it may give too much away, but if they don’t care, I don’t care. I think EPIX and Berlin Station made a wis choice to release the first four episodes to the press instead of just the first two we saw.

One thought on “Discussing Lucas vs. Daniel, and More #RichardArmitage

  1. I think he’s really learned to enjoy the process of the press junket, and all the newfangled streaming interviews and promos. I also think it’s a good thing it’s happening in the midst of LLL and the SD. He is just so relaxed, and willing to be silly and laugh. This is a whole new, mature version of him. He seems so much more comfortable in his own skin, with his fame and all the attention he gets. He’s finally enjoying the fruits of his labor after all these years. I’m so happy for him.


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