Anthem Mag. + #RichardArmitage + Great Photo Shoot


Photo Credit: Reto Sterchi

Yikes! Now we know he auditioned for the role of Pennywise in the adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, It

Oops – there’s that spoiler again:

Were you the first person on the ensemble to sign on?

No. But I had this script for a while. I had been sniffing around some of the other characters, actually. I looked at Hector first [now played by Rhys Ifans]. They got Richard Jenkins first, I think, before Rhys and Michelle Forbes came on. I think I was the fourth one to the party. Of course when you see that cast come together, you sign on the dotted line. Who doesn’t want to be in a scene with Rhys or Richard or Michelle? It’s one of the things that I loved so much about it. It’s a cast of over-forty year olds. We really like each other. There’s real chemistry between all the characters and so much potential to come back and do it all over again. I hope we’re lucky enough to get a second season. It would be really exciting to go back to Berlin with these people.

Or maybe not:

The Man in the High Castle didn’t get green-lit for two until well after season one ended.

I’m optimistic. But I don’t know if Daniel will make it to season two because we shot two endings. I don’t know how this will end. But the potential is there. They’re putting fuel in the tank.

17 thoughts on “Anthem Mag. + #RichardArmitage + Great Photo Shoot

      • He did tweet something a while back when it was over that had the flavor of ” I hope we can o it again.” Also, for all we know, his shooting can be a hoax or he survives, since there are plenty of people around to call an ambulance. Just dunno. But I do think it is either left ambiguous, or he clearly survives. I mean, why would they tell us the end so soon? Also, it lets us know who some characters who are also alive by that point. Not to mention, every CIA person saw the bad guys coming.


  1. Confession: I thought these photos were so lovely I actually got a bit teary-eyed. That’s a first for me with Richard Armitage (or any man I find attractive!). Oh, and I guess there was an interview too? 😉


  2. I must be the only one in Armitage fandom hating these photos. You only see his flaws. Good job, whoever shot them 😦

    About Daniel: I think RA signed for 1 season, probably optioned for a S2, when Clearance was delayed/suppressed. We can be certain Forbes and Orser will be in S2 if thet get renewed, since they said it clearly.

    In his post Brexit message though, RA was hopeful to go back to Berlin with those people again so… maybe DM is not dead after all. But writers could decide they don’t need him after all.

    I think the two finale is an utter invention to avoid to answer if he’ll be in S2 because during Premiere interviews there was absolutely NO hint to a double ending, instead he let slip too much that day so… If the double ending was real, he would have said it that day, so they probably suggested him this trick. I’m surprised and a little shocked they didn’t prepared him to that question. Unless it’s all part of a suspence they are trying to build. But saying he won’t be in S2 unless DM has a twin brother (twice) sounds pretty definitive to me.


  3. I am having trouble believing the bit about an audition……….isn’t this horror? and why would he audition for a role that went to a twenty-six year old. I expect him to tweet anytime to say ‘joke’ everyone.


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