Parade #RichardArmitage Can Roast a Chicken – Interview

here  Some good questions and unusual answers.


I am glued to the news cycle; cannot take my eyes of it.

What do you think of Trump and Clinton?

The thing that bothers me the most, and it is something unusual for me, is that I really hate the kind of aggressive mood swinging personality competition.

In England, we vote for the party. We don’t vote for the prime minister or president. We hear a lot of policy. It is changing and I don’t like it. I don’t understand why two people in opposition can’t say, “I hear your point of view, I disagree to that, and here is why.”

It boils down to calling people out on various things, and that is not their job. That is the media’s job. It is their job to be reasonable people who can debate each other. Essentially, they will be working for the same thing. They should be. It disturbs me.

Can anyone normal person, especially a candidate for president, really say she “hear[s] Donald Trump’s point of view”, and leave it at that? I think this is some of what Hillary Clinton has been trying to say, when she said that she has disagreed with Republicans, but those men were not unfit for office. And shouldn’t she be calling Donald Trump out on “a lot of things?” But, I think we know from tweets and FB, where he stands, and with whom.

Also of interest – when he mentioned his causes, and with a mention UATSC, he failed to mention Cybersmile.

Good, general, interview. He can roast a chicken.

7 thoughts on “Parade #RichardArmitage Can Roast a Chicken – Interview

  1. He also didn’t mention Antony Nolan, Salvation Army, Shelter, Childine, Barnardo’s and so on. He was talking about Urban saying some of its profits will go (IF Urban will ever be released one way or the other, that is) to Action for Children, officially indicated by Brady. He obviously also mentiond Young Minds UK, as tragically pertaining to the topic. That’s it. No reason to mention Cybersmile, or Nolan.


  2. Keeping in mind that he gave this interview in July, and not this week, this is still such a simplistic view of what is going on in US politics that it is almost distressing, particularly if he’s addicted to the news cycle. Suggesting that the gap between Donald Trump’s and Hilary Clinton’s views is somehow compromise-capable is laughable (although understandable as the position of a pathological compromiser); suggesting that the GOP was able to form anything like a coherent policy scheme in the atmosphere of the Trump hurricane is also simply uninformed. I wish there were a real GOP in the US again because every political party needs a loyal opposition and then maybe we would discuss policy, but Trump’s presence in the campaign and the unwillingness of the GOP to challenge him in any meaningful way until it was too late made that impossible. One thing that these debates make painfully clear is that if the GOP has a coherent policy agenda, Trump doesn’t know what it is. He doesn’t even know who’s allied with who in Syria or the difference between Aleppo and Mosul or Fallujah.

    And I agree with you — sympathy with white supremacism, xenophobia, aggressive, violent sexism — these at a minimum are all things that need to be called out. They needed to be called out earlier and more forcefully.

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  3. Well, I understand him differently and keep in mind, that this is a written interview that might be abbreviated and/or not his exact words. I think that he sees that this ‘political debate’ is far from any reasonable political culture, the way of talking with each other is unworthy of a statesman. And surely it wasn’t Mrs. Clinton who is responsible for that. And, it is the same as I tell my children when they are confronted with namecalling: don’t lower yourself to the same level. I think, Mrs. Clinton bears it with dignity…


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