#RichardArmitage on —US! (pronoun)

here  Got it from @violetsTFB – I’ll pass on my distaste for the term Armitage Army this time.

Armitage, for his part, has fans in Berlin and back in Britain and all over the globe, thanks in part to his role as dwarf prince Thorin Oakenshield in the Hobbit film franchise. His so-called Armitage Army is something of a force on social media. “It’s a very loyal, delightful fan base,” Armitage says. “They’ve stuck with it through good and through bad. Hopefully this show is one of the good things they can enjoy.”

11 thoughts on “#RichardArmitage on —US! (pronoun)

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  2. At least she’s not London bound. Sorry, couldn’t resist. Why not advocate for action, for prevention, for doing something. Thought she was rather the activist. Seems not. And i think i’ll stop here.

    That was a rather nice surprise, an unexpected and positive mention of fandom. I don’t mean him, he was extra nice 😉 But the fact the it got mentioned at all. Brownie point to the writer too.

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    • It was ubiquitous. Also, the press gets a hold of it all the time. It started way back with North and South on a message board. Believe it or not,the legend is that a fan’s husband came up with the term.


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