Daniel Miller: Live or Let Die?


Thanks to Micra for the link.lveandletdiescreen-shot-2016-10-11-at-9-30-13-am


8 thoughts on “Daniel Miller: Live or Let Die?

  1. I think there might be a small misunderstanding going on (and i am sure people realise this ;-)) So i am probably stating the very obvious ;-)). They know how to end the season. What they don’t know and obviously they would not talk about, least of all at this stage, is if the series will be renewed for another season. I am certain that if there is another one Daniel Miller will be in it. What i am much less certain about is if there will be a S2. And at this stage i don’t think they can know either, it will depend on how it goes (which is why they have prepared 2 endings, common thing to do as it is not nice to leave the audience hanging if the series will not continue).


    • I don’t know about the misunderstanding because there could be a season 2 ( EPIX bought 5 seasons) and Daniel Miller may or may not make it. Personally, I think he will based on other things he said in the interview, such as seeding his past in case they need it for the future. Remember Spooks and more recent shows that have no trouble killing off important characters.


    • I think they have to kill him..he is too vulnerable and not at all magnetic…they had to give him an intensly body sex scene to wake thinks up


  2. The way he speaks in the various interviews, it seems like he is planning on going back, hopefully for the full five seasons. I think he would be surprised, and disappointed if they kill him off on that sidewalk, and so would I.


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