@RichardArmitage Tweets – Interrupts VP Debate

Must have been a SNAFU pre-scheduled tweet – I so hope.

3 thoughts on “@RichardArmitage Tweets – Interrupts VP Debate

    • I didn’t think he was watching TV. I didn’t think he tweeted himself, either – but maybe your explanation makes more sense. I didn’t think this Q & A was better than the first informal one – I thought it was more polished visually. Much more interesting discussion on Periscope. This one – a little funnier.


      • Haven’t watched it yet and of course won’t understand much of what they say. Also, Forbes makes me want to switch off my PC. Amyway, first thing he does after entering his car is picking up his phone, as fans noticed on first preview night. He sent his thanks to people attending. And I’m definitely convinced he and only he are managing his accounts, hence the recent Ig funny mistakes. LOL!


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