Oh No – Richard “Armitahge”

Sag-Aftra Q & A Jim Halterman – his pronunciation

Michelle Forbes bored herself by her first answer, she says.

Leland Orser – John La-Carre, workplace, human story.

Richard Armitage –  thinking, I should stop emailing the writer at 4 in the morning. ( and they were answering)

7 thoughts on “Oh No – Richard “Armitahge”

  1. Oh no, not again!!! That ‘Armitaaghe’ pronounciation at the very beginning made me cringe and really,really angry right away. Interestingly none of all those present corrected it. Couldn’t believe my ears!! Why does that still happen?? Don’t they get introduced backstage? Or is it because nowadays they all just call themselves by their first names? I felt so sorry for Richard who had to bite the bullet (don’t know whether that expression fits here full-on??) and had to keep a smile on his face….. I mean, RA not only supposedly plays the main character in this series, and as we all can see there’s an awful lot of money invested in this undertaking!! One expects professionals!! Though the conversation itself was very interesting and amusing and I would have enjoyed it point-blank but for that downer at the beginning .


    • I too was upset! It somehow seemed a bit disrespectful to me. Was the “other” Richard Armitage’s surname ever mispronounced this way? I doubt it! So why does this still happen? Very poorly researched IMHO. It somehow took away some of the pleasure of watching the whole Q and A, but I guess I shouldn’t have let it. Richard certainly seemed to rise above it!

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    • @ Linda60) It’s a sore issue for me. I guess he’s used to it. But you have a good point, that it was such a relaxed group – (very busy mentioning the missing Richard Jenkins as an inside joke), that one of them could have made a joke to correct the guy.


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