@RCArmitage on Int’l Distribution for #BerlinStation

here On his FB page


3 thoughts on “@RCArmitage on Int’l Distribution for #BerlinStation

  1. Awww, total sweetie sometimes 🙂 I am getting the feeling he is so much more comfortable with fb and slightly longer form communication that twitter 🙂 Bad part is it sort of means i have to go back to it when i really wasn’t using it anymore. blah.
    But yes, so nice to read the words and feel a person behind them, much less guesswork.

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  2. Yes, FB seems to suit him better.
    FB is now considered “old School” by the IT savvy, but it does have its perks. Twitter is still somewhat ‘foreign’ to me, and I’ve never got used to it.


  3. Saw this on FB today and it gave me hope that it may not be too long until “the rest of the world” get to see the whole thing. I’ve really been hoping for news like this. Sweet of him to share the info! He *must* know how much interest there is in the series.


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