“Pilgrimage” Premiere will be in July 2017 — Richard Armitage Blog

There’s also James Gray’s latest, The Lost City of Z, which is premiering at the New York Film Festival next month and due in theaters in 2017, plus a movie titled Pilgrimage that could also arrive before Holland’s full outing as Spidey in July. One more much bigger movie he was secrely a part of comes out in […]

via “Pilgrimage” Premiere will be in July 2017 — Richard Armitage Blog

7 thoughts on ““Pilgrimage” Premiere will be in July 2017 — Richard Armitage Blog

  1. OK. Correct me if I am wrong, but I saw this too and I read “could” as the conditional / hypothetical here. If that film had a scheduled distribution deal for 7/17 I bet we would know about it by now. Promotion would have to start VERY shortly.


    • Yeah, well. It’s not the first time I jumped the gun. And all I was thinking was – ( and after reading your recent post today) More? Now? All we need is another film to cover now.


      • From your mouth to G-d’s ear 🙂

        If this was submitted to Toronto (I seem to remember that) and didn’t get taken, I suspect it’s going to be search for a distributor for a long time, too … I’m not counting on a major release anymore.


  2. I am a patient person, but really can’t wait to see this one. They said it would be released in September, but that passed few days ago. Fingers crossed for 2017!


  3. I’ll be happy for Richard if they find a distributor for this movie and it is released early next year. Richard is not the main star and he is a “baddie”. Most likely they’ll kill him off as they usually do, but at least I’ll be seeing him in something different. We do not want him type cast
    do we?


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