#LLLPlay Stage Shots – All Ages


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23 thoughts on “#LLLPlay Stage Shots – All Ages

      • RA’s true hairline has been a source of mystery in recent years, and a subject of fascination to me….at times he appears to sport a fuller hairline now than he did 12/13 years ago! In my opinion it looked like he was wearing a hair piece when he had a rather ‘bouffant’ style on top at last year’s Hannibal Comic-con appearance, and at this year’s TCA press conference for Berlin Station. I also think he has had some hair plug work done on his hairline. Still think he’s fab receding hairline or not! 😈


      • He looks really good in Act II as you can see, and also pretty good in Act III. Also, I found him charming in Act I in spite of the floppy hair, etc. Perhaps it serves a purpose to tone down his looks in Act I so Henry is clearly the better looking brother.


        • Do you really think Henry is supposed to be better looking in Act 1? I thought it was clear that Kenneth was more attractive, despite his bad hair–it seemed to me that Henry felt threatened by Kenneth which is why he wanted him out of the apt before Sandra arrives. And he was right to feel that way since as soon as she arrived Sandra only had eyes for Kenneth.


          • I thought Henry felt threatened because Kenneth was going to college and he wasn’t. Certainly that was part of it. But you’re right that Sandra said to Kenneth that he was really good looking, so perhaps we were supposed to think Kenneth was the better looking one. I just didn’t think so! Although I knew that Kenneth would clean up nicely in the end.


  1. I don’t understand why you find the hair so funny. Every guy had the same hair during those years, Beatles, Monkeys style. And I love Sandra’s hair, “very young Joni Mitchell” style. She looks emerged from a fashion magazine of those years, Emilio Pucci colours included.

    Elder Kenneth is my fave one 😉


    • I thought it was likely they would go for a Beatles look – though in some other productions they went sort of Afro ( maybe because of the actor) – but from the one photo we have seen – his hair doesn’t seem to have that fin swing that Beatles hair have – and it could be just because of that one angle from the photo we saw.


      • My biggest complaint about the hair was that it hid his face, but it also didn’t really move. It sat like a mop on his head. Maybe if you are closer to the stage it looks different.


  2. Richard looked great in all 3 acts. My fave look was the one in Act III. Great suit and he looked very dishy 🙂 He does not have a concave chest. It was the way he was sitting and standing to look like a lollygagging lazy student. Normally Richard has great posture. I think that look was the director’s orders to make him look like a lazy layabout, which is what Kenneth is in Act !.

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  3. I saw the play day before yesterday and my husband and I loved it. This is the second time hubby has seen any of Richard’s work. Hubby says he is a great actor (we all knew that) but it is very high praise from my husband who is not impressed with anything ever. I loved the fact that Richard was doing comedy, dark comedy for sure, tragi-comedy but he nailed it.


    • I love the idea of comedy for him also, and I ca’;t wait for him to make me laugh. How far did you travel. I’ve been posting about out of towners on Twitter. No names mentioned.


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