#LLLPlay Props – The Waterfall Table

I was immediately struck by the coffee table prop ( hey, why not on Twitter with Beans, et al?) that we see in Act II ( the 80’s) in the scene from Love, Love, Love.xtn-500_5b00985d_richardarmitageamyryaninlovelovelovephotobyjoanmarcus2016-pagespeed-ic-ryvxor47ho

I don’t know if it is an actual waterfall style table from the 1920-40s, but it sure look like one. Maybe Kenneth and Sandra were collectors. The definition of waterfall style is broad, but what makes me think of it when I look at this table, are the rounded ridges on the legs, and it looks like it might have a veneer. I would also note that the sofa looks more 70’s to me than 80’s  ( or very current) – but then, maybe this isn’t their newest furniture.

I recognize it because art deco is my favorite look – as well as almost anything midcentury modern. ( Trying to find look alike stuff like this in Mexico has been a trial)

I was thrilled when, researching for this table a few minutes ago, I came across a dining table that is almost exactly like one I once owned. The difference is that my table had more of the waterfall effect down the base, and was smaller, because it had a built in leaf. And here it is. ( Not mine. The one I found online). While inexpensive to begin with, many of these pieces are higher priced now, because of the age, but also because many of them, as does this and as did mine, have inlaid and marquetry features and are covered with thin veneers of very fine wood. Hello table  – I miss you, but your replacement was even better.waterfallscreen-shot-2016-10-03-at-5-19-12-pm

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