Remember Brain on Fire/ – blogger’s review

Found by Servetus here.

i’m going to say that I disagree with some of the blogger’s opinion. I understand that Dr.Najjir was well loved by Susannah Cahalan and that she felt he was the first medical professional to see her as a person – but, he was also the first one to have knowledge of her condition and to suspect it right off. For him, it was an easy fix.

2 thoughts on “Remember Brain on Fire/ – blogger’s review

  1. One thing I was wondering is why the misdiagnosing doctors come off so much worse in the film (and I agree that Cahalan has nothing but positive feelings for Dr. Najjar in book as in film, although the film makes it look like Najjar was reluctant to be consulted, a detail that is not in the book). I think it’s because the scene where the doctor tells the parents for the second time that Susannah is just having a rough transition to adulthood and needs to stop drinking is juxtaposed directly with the scene in Summit NJ where Susannah has a sort of manic episode and then a seizure — in the book these scenes are separated more.


    • If I recall, a big issue was that everyone who knew her insisted she was not herself, that she was usually such a terrific little star who would never party too hard – and that’s pretty much what parents of mass murderers say . The doctors probably took into account that parents don’t know everything about their adult children.


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