LLLPlay: Running Time for First Preview Night

Wonder how long the play runs right now?  It ran 2 hours 50 minutes at The Royal Court  (seems very long, even with two intermissions) I think a three hour night at the theater might be a turnoff.

It is a 7:30 curtain, which means curtain should go up about  7:38.

I guess we’ll find out soon enough.CreobxBWEAA9XmH

25 thoughts on “LLLPlay: Running Time for First Preview Night

  1. Aha phew glad it is not longer considering potential travel restrictions. I would consider up to 3h normal ‘ggg’ The Shakespeares are always a bit longer, in fact the only one under i have seen in recent years running at under that was No man’s land which is 2h without an interval which in a way is more difficult.


    • I don’t know about travel restrictions. Subways are open all night in NYC. Three hours is a little on the long side. Then if folks want stage door – but at least not as long as The Crucible. I could do two hours w/o intermission.


      • er, more like flights, ie from theatre straight to plane 🙂 If all plans work out i will share the crazy details, but it will be with not much time wriggle room.
        I don’t mind 2h either provided the seat is ok, you wouldn’t believe what most of London’s old theatres do to the knees and back of the frequent theatre goer. Ouch.

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