OT: Perry’s Perry’s Pizza

No secret that I long for New York pizza, which I miss so much here in Mexico. (Not long now!)

But last night, I went with friends to the best pizza to be found in my corner of Mexico – the place was a little dive with 4 tables, and then moved to a spiffy new location. It is one of the happiest looking restaurants I’ve been in.


The ceilings, both indoors and out are decorated with beautiful umbrellas hanging upside down, giving the place a carnival feeling. Many Mexican woman in town eschew hats for a simple and serviceable umbrella to shield them from the sun. I don’t, but all I have is an ugly dark green Knirps folding umbrella, good for sticking in your pocket, if necessary.

I just had to have one of these, and convinced Perry to sell me one, which he took down from the ceiling indoors. I don’t think his name is really Perry, but then, neither is mine. I selected the pretty pink and gray one on the lower right.

The pizza was OK, too – a good example of the Mexican style. Not very cheesy, but pretty good crust. I went for the Mexican – chorizo, onions and jalapeño.



11 thoughts on “OT: Perry’s Perry’s Pizza

  1. I have a mission to bring the parasol back into fashion in California. Seriously. I have three (historical costumer, after all) and use them at every picnic and barbeque I attend.

    Also, yes to the chorizo, onion and jalapeno. Jalapeños on pizza is my jam.

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    • The problem is – it’s just another thing to carry. A parasol with a bag and a briefcase could be problematic. Then you stuck with the parasol closed and hanging on your arm. Then, of course, I will leave it in a cab.

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    • The flavor on the topping makes up for the strange Mexican crust – although this place has the most American/Italian crust around. Mexican dough is much sweeter than I am used to. Their freshly baked bread taste like dessert. Fortunately, we have a Scandinavian bakery in the area and can get delicious bread, including sourdough and rye.

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