Quick check in re: Brain on Fire

Servetus’s first thoughts on Brain On Fire

Me + Richard Armitage

This afternoon I saw Brain on Fire with my friend (with Q&A afterwards with the film’s director, Gerard Barrett). Armitage is third billed and while it was clearly a supporting role, he gets plenty of screen time and has at least three, possibly four, really convincing scenes. The movie is not even remotely Oscar material but it’s not as bad as some of the responses had led me to fear. I don’t see this hugely helping his career (or, frankly, being all that widely distributed on movie screens — but I can’t see how there won’t be a DVD and or streaming possibilities) but it shouldn’t harm it either. Most Armitage fans will probably love this role — he looks fantastic, he’s very convincing and also at least somewhat multi-faceted as Susannah Cahalan’s father — and he gets a lot of closeups (approaching a disproportional number), watching him react to…

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