Going to Brain on Fire in Toronto! #richardarmitage


Me + Richard Armitage

I’ve got a ticket to the Saturday showing of Brain on Fire in Toronto and I will be leaving shortly. I’m driving!

This is insane! Pay $27 for a ticket to a movie that I am skeptical about, and drive twelve hours one way? This is probably the most frivolous fangirl thing I’ve ever done.


When I got up on September 4 and saw they had opened the Saturday screening to the general public, I thought, hmmm, I could do that. I picked Saturday rather than Friday because I figured that the odds that Richard Armitage would be a surprise guest in Toronto at the public premiere fell out near zero (this was a small role; his play in New York opens next week; I am sure they are rehearsing at the limit of what their Equity contracts will allow; unnecessary travel tends to upset one’s equilibrium), and I…

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