Another BOF Review – Armitage Mentioned

here  It’s almost a shame, really. From the reviews, this film could have had a better chance, handled differently.

2 thoughts on “Another BOF Review – Armitage Mentioned

  1. To me, this is what happens when art is primarily about promoting a cause. They wanted a narrative that supported their concerns about the disease, as opposed to exploring the experience of disease itself, the unsteady certainty of knowing something has happened to you but not quite what. The latter would have been a great movie, but poor agit prop for better disease diagnosis.


  2. I thought it was a good review enveloped in an obligatory complaint that they didn’t make it fashionably uncommercial enough. IMO very few people are going to go see a film about illness that contains no “uplifting platitudes” whatsoever. Despite himself, the reviewer was moved by what it revealed about the American medical system.


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