See It -Berlin Station Episode 1 – I think   Here – available internationally, I think

I might actually have to wit a few hours until two long tennis matcihes re over.



14 thoughts on “See It -Berlin Station Episode 1 – I think

    • By now you know you have a month. Oh – by now you’ve seen it. I had a crazy time because so much was happening at the same moment ( Tennis, Commander in Chief Forum, BS and other stuff )- so I had to wait also.

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  1. Thanks for the link! I just read your post this morning, fully expecting to find the link inactive. Imagine my surprise when I found not the first episode, but the first TWO episodes. I’m hooked. 😉


  2. thank you, perry for that link to Berlin Station. Just finished watching both episodes . I really enjoyed them. Mr. Richard Armitage was really great and so were the other actors. this show is going to be a hit. I really am not a fan of spy t.v. shows, I really only wanted to watch this because of Mr. Richard Armitage, but I kept watching and it turned out really great. I really enjoyed watching Berlin Station( I was shocked that I enjoyed a spy show) Mr. Richard Armitage should be proud, he did a wonderful job. I and other fans won’t be able to get the EPIX channel, so it is nice to know that there are people like you who will tell us what is going on in Berlin Station, just wanted to say Thank You. P.S. I hope that the people who created the epix channel or the people who made Berlin Station will maybe put it on Amazon, because I know almost everybody in the world gets Amazon.


    • I was unaware that everyone in the world gets the streaming service for Amazon. (I know they get the sales and books) It will be on Hulu ( US only I guess) 90 days after episode 1 airs officially. So far, I only know of US sites for the first run – but I also know there are discussions for international showings sometime later. In sum, just about most people will be able to see it at some point, but some fans may need to wait longer.


      • sorry meant to say amazon prime. I know amazon prime has a lot of shows and movies that you can’t get on regular t.v./cable.( example: since Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond don’t do top gear anymore, they went to amazon prime and are doing their own car show and other projects on amazon. I think you have to pay a small fee


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  4. I have searched and searched but the feeling now is that Epix have made the 2 episodes free if you sign up and its only for America. I saw the first part and people are saying Richard isn’t in the second part as much so I shall have to live with that, but it makes my blood boil at the incorrect information of ‘available for a month’ one would think they could get their facts right.


    • Sorry. This reply is old. Don’t give up. I think it’s around on other links. You definitely don’t have to sign up for EPIX to see it now – that’s the whole point of the promo. Let me know if you’ve had better luck by now.


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