The Joys of October


( Clue: play on another title)

Won’t get to the special advance screening of Berlin Station on October 9, 2016 ( see here )

But will  see  it on TV.

Will see Love, Love Love with Richard Armitage.


Will have some New York Slices ( Pizza) images-14

Will have

Will see family and friends.

Will shop and shop again. And again.


Should inhale crisp air ( Okay, maybe not as clean as here)

Will walk in Central Park in the fall – and maybe see some autumn leaves if things go right.

Will have a decent bagel. Toasted, thank you

Will have a Maine

Might have Peconic Bay Scallops if the season is open.


Will laugh so hard with favorite person that my tummy will have charlie horses the day after.

Will see October light near the ocean. ( Very special)


Will walk the off-season beach.

Did I mention, Richard Armitage and Pizza?








11 thoughts on “The Joys of October

  1. A REAL FALL. (The last time I had one was 2008). I get one too this year, and it’s almost better than Richard Armitage. Hmmm. They are neck and neck.


    • It hasn’t been that long for me, but it’s been long enough. I think your Wisconsin Falls are better than NYC falls for leaves – but I did get upstate a lot to the Berkshires that time of year, and out to the Hamptons – but it’s not just the foliage – it’s the air and the light, too.


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