#RichardArmitage Soft-Pedals Berlin Station BTS



6 thoughts on “#RichardArmitage Soft-Pedals Berlin Station BTS

      • Actually, the pronunciation in American is different from the British, not just because of the extra syllable, but also because the first syllable is pronounced differently – it is, as I recall hearing it, in British English “al” as in the name ‘Al” ( “Call me Al”, Paul Simon) and the accent is on the third syllable “min” Al loo MIN ee um. In American, or anyway, how I say it, is a Loo min um. I find his use of the American version interesting, because unlike choosing an American word over a British word fall, autumn, cookies, biscuits, he switched the word and pronunciation entirely from the way he grew up saying it ( I assume). But look – really how often do we use the word? For some reason, everyone is still calling the most common stuff tin foil.


        • There’s a ‘y’ in the middle of the English version too, LOL: ‘A-lyoo-min-ium’.

          If he is addressing an American audience, I think he is right to use American terminology. I wondered if this was a conscious effort or if, after living in the States and mixing with American actors in Berlin, these terms are beginning to come naturally to him. After two years in Detroit, I began to pronounce such words as ‘garage’ and ‘harass’ with the stress on the second syllable because it somehow seemed right and used such words as ‘fall’ quite easily and as a politeness to my host country.


    • I took what he said to mean there would be just a snippet in the first episode – and more later. It must be so, otherwise why would have they have spent hours filming so many bike rides? Think of it this way – that video gives us quite a bit of his bike riding, and I like it.


      • Perhaps for the epix web side parallel story, letting everybody experience cycling through Berlin searching for clues…
        I really like the whole idea of mixing up media to tell a story.


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