Who’s Going? Brain on Fire TIFF Screening Dates




Hello Richard Armitage Canadian and other North American fans. Brain on Fire will have 3 screenings at TIFF, only one of them now listed  for the public.

On Wednesday, September 14,  press and industry will see the premiere.

On Friday, September 16 at 1:1 5 there is a showing for Press and Industry and at  6 P.M. Premium tickets are available for the public – on sale now, I think.

On Saturday, September 17 at 6 P.M. it appears there is another press and industry screening.

This is the most I could make from the information on line, except that TIFF offers rush tickets(last minute – 10 minutes before) and free tickets to some screenings. here Or – you might be able to purchase a small package that will give you a chance to see BOF and some other films ( not sure of this).

My guess is that with three industry showings, there is a good chance rush tickets might be available for the private performances.

Reviews might come as early as September 14 unless there is some embargo.

So, who’s thinking of going?

13 thoughts on “Who’s Going? Brain on Fire TIFF Screening Dates

  1. As far as I know, single tickets go on sale to the general public September 4. You can select individual tickets now if you have a My Choice package (they are sold out of them), or beginning day after tomorrow if you have one of the memberships for the festival (based on graduated dating based on membrship level — sometimes it’s a membership plus a flex pack), but none of the packages that are still available to non-patrons/sponsors allow you to choose the films you want to see. So as I understand it (I could be wrong — this is a really confusing ticketing system) anyone who does not have a particular level of membership or a membership + a flex pack is shut out of buying a la carte tickets until September 4.


    • So do I. It doesn’t look as though Richard Armitage is going ( LLL conflicts and he has a supporting role) – but I know we have Canadian fans and I’m sure some of them are in or near Toronto – (it’s a big country, though). One problem is how troublesome it may be to get definite tickets. Also, I think some Canadians are spending their dollars on LLL if they can, so maybe two trips is pushing it.

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  2. I have found their website incredibly frustrating to navigate! And their ticketing system is confusing too. I was thinking of going for Mr. H.’s new film (“Bleed For This” with Miles Teller) but sadly, I think I have to work instead. I probably could not get a ticket anyway, especially to one of the “premium” screenings, which is where they do the red carpets.


  3. I will definitely go if I can get a ticket. I 100% agree about how difficult it is to navigate the TIFF site – and it seems even more so this year in particular – but ticketing aside, the festival itself is extremely well run. Sadly, I also agree that Richard probably won’t be at any of the screenings due to LLL rehearsal commitments (as I’m sure he’d do his best to make it considering how close he’ll be), but I’m keen to see the movie regardless. I do have tickets for LLL the first week of November – beyond excited about that trip to NYC!


  4. We have been looking forward to the Movie adaption of the great book. We live in Toronto so couldn’t be happier! My daughter suffered the same illness but at 3 yrs old so we have a very personal attachment.


    • Welcome. If you feel like it, let us know what you thought about the film. Very happy that your daughter was cured. Did you find that the book accurately reflected some of your personal experience?


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