TIFF Listing for Brain on Fire

No dates yet – audience buzz, low so far. Here

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 8.37.25 AM


7 thoughts on “TIFF Listing for Brain on Fire

    • Perhaps because he is involved with rehearsals and performances for Love,Love,Love at the same time. There are two nights with no performances for Love,Love,Love when Berlin Station premieres in LA, so he might not have managed both. Also, the TIFF addition of BOF came after he contracted with RTC.


      • You think? I’m somewhat surprised. Bound to be disturbing but 18 seems a bit much and 18 ratings are always difficult for cinema distribution hmmm you get away well if we’re talking Deadpool or some horror/sex laden thing but for what is essentially a family drama it seems too much and is a bad hurdle for distribution Sigh. Fingers crossed for good reviews


        • I don’t know, There are two ratings with 18. One seems to have a carat next to it, the other doesn’t – so I can’t or haven’t, figured out what that means – but 18 – it must be for some reason. When she is very ill I think she curses a lot and also may have or talk about some sex issues – can’t recall and nudity is certainly possible, if not probable. I’m waiting for someone to explain.


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