@RCArmitage: Everything’s Better With Bacon


Yum – maybe Schmackarys Maple & Bacon? There’s a store right in the neighborhood

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 1.58.23 AM


8 thoughts on “@RCArmitage: Everything’s Better With Bacon

  1. I found a terrific bakery in New York called ‘Levain’s’ their cookies were a meal in themselves but I stuck to chocolate and fruit.


  2. Lol I’m with RA on this. Keep the dessert ingredients away from my bacon butties! 😀but i would try the more traditional varieties I like nutty ones and nuts with chocolate even better and coconut. No maple anything for me… have been scarred for life in a restaurant where they put the stuff on my fries! 😲


    • Maple aside, the combination of salty and sweet hits taste notes. I have not had ( nor am I looking for) chocolate covered bacon, but I have had candied bacon, once made with maple syrup and once with brown sugar, and it was delicious. Also, I never mind a little syrup getting on my bacon if I’m having a farmer’s breakfast. I would not want maple syrup on my fries. Or mayo. I’m for ketchup, unless they’re too good to add anything. Mexicans like to drown them in hot sauce – same with potato chips.(I kind of got into the hot sauce on chips)

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      • Yesss to all their hot sauced and hm you’re right i do like salted caramel ice-cream and such meaning i like salt in my desserts. I like salt with dark chocolate! Mole yummm, do you like it? So i guess it depends on combo 😉


        • I do like salted desserts. I think the flavor combination is more interesting. I also like citrus desserts for the same reason and some of the newer herbal infused desserts. But ask me to choose anything I want for dessert, and I will go for the brownie. In NY ( and near the theater where LLL is) there is a Belgian Chain food and bakery that has the best brownies ( round and unfrosted). I never spell it right – Quotididian – without looking it up. And BTW, Mexicans started it, but in the US now and for a while, spice in chocolate has been popular. Mexicans put chilis in their hot chocolate and chocolate mixes.

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