Answer 1: It’s Your Birthday!

Answer 2: It’s the day that changed our world.

Wishing you a Happy 45th Birthday


8 thoughts on “Answer 1: It’s Your Birthday!

  1. I’m so silly! not like i didn’t recognise the tweet, but thought he might have posted something in the morning and my heart beat faster! fan-heart 😉 Do you recon we are collectively more excited today than he is? 😉


    • I’m damned sure we’re more thrilled than he is!! 45 years! The niggling age thingy is prob growing stronger 😉 He is a human being after all!! Even if it sometimes seems differently so… but a very, very handsome one!! Very, very…… BTW You’re SO NOT silly!!

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  3. He is fit and healthy, eats a wide range of foods, enjoys his red wine, and has the most wonderful laugh in the world. The perfect recipe for aging well. 45 is NOT old people, not even close. When he does start aging, I am confident that he will be a very sexy, distinguished gentleman.


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