LOVEx3 – Rehearsal Series for My Own Amusement

Announcing a New Richard Armitage Blog! Heather Parrish, a theater insider, a recent commenter on Armitage Agonistes and of course, an Armitage fan has launched a fan blog. She intends to give us professional/expert speculation on what’s probably going on during rehearsals and other BTS for Love, Love, Love. Check it out.

Rehearsals with Richard

According to Zoe Kazan, rehearsals for Love, Love, Love begin tomorrow (on Richard’s birthday!).

I’ve just started this blog so it seems a little weird to already announce a series of topical posts (especially since I’m still in the process of fleshing this blog out), but I think I will anyway.

lovelovelove14ul2016w165h250For the next four weeks or so, I will post at the top of each week on what the cast and crew could potentially be working on in the rehearsal room during their process.  

Please keep in mind this is just speculation and I  have no idea of the methods Michael Mayer uses. The posts will be based on my own experiences as a director and actor in productions of varying size…

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