OT: Mulligan, The Cat, Returns

MullyhomeIMG_20160819_084637 copyRemember this?

Eight days and nights , sometimes with friends and new friends, of putting up posters, going door to door, walking the  streets and the hills after dark, checking out the lake area, calling his name,  worrying about him in the torrential rains, and then, this morning at 5:50 a.m. hearing him meowing at the patio door to be let in.

He’s none the worse for wear. Still has his collar and tag. Very hungry. Very noisy ( I think he wants to tell me all about it) and sacked out by my side right now.

The cat he chased after 8 days ago was coming by at night, but without Mulligan. Maybe he led him home. Whatever.

Thanks to all of you for your good thoughts and concern.

33 thoughts on “OT: Mulligan, The Cat, Returns

    • He’s neutered – but I hope it was a lesson. On the other hand, he might have had a lark – though it’s hard to imagine with the rains we’ve been having.


  1. It’s nerve-wracking when they disappear, even though we know (hope) they can find their way around. Glad he found his way home. I’m sure he has quite a tale to tell. 🙂 Give him a scratch between from me.


    • Thank you. We both thank you. I was hesitant to put the bad news up, because I hate reading those things myself, but I felt I would be absent for a while, so . . .


    • I was super depressed. I live in a village between a lake and the mountains – but there is also a busy roadway, cars and buses on my own street, and he had never been in the street before. He’s allowed ( because I can’t stop him) to wander on my roof, and in the next door wild garden. But that’s all he’s known.He could have gone up or down. Not knowing was the worst part of it. There are loose dogs, feral cats and large rodents, not to mention the occasional nasty rooster and the heavy rains we’ve had every night. This cat came back perfectly dry, (though it had been raining hard all night) groomed, clean, not a scratch on him or a hair out of place, and no thinner than when he left. He has been talking more than usual, and having some vivid dreams – but that’s about it. That’s one life down.


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  3. Perry, I’m just seeing this now, and I am so relieved and happy that Mulligan has returned home. Sometimes it’s so nice just seeing the right thing happen to people. It gave me an extra feeling of joy on a day where not much went right. He’s definitely a life down, but perhaps wiser…lol.

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