Auction Announcement: And We Are Off!!!

Guylty Pleasure has a special auction fund-raising scheme with a great story attached.

Guylty Pleasure

The weekend has begun, the last three days to “The Big 45” have started. If you have been following me through my own private Armitage Week celebrations, you may remember that I hinted at a charity auction to celebrate Richard’s birthday. Well, now we are off! Here comes the official announcement with all the necessary details:

After the success of the earlier auctions, I have decided to try and raise some funds for Save the Children again – and spread some fun and love in the fandom. I have been aided and motivated in my attempts by an unnamed, generous supporter who sent me a number of fan items earlier this year, suggesting I put them up for auction and donate the proceeds. I had also gathered a number of items on my own impetus, which I wanted to auction for charity, and I am now combining the two for a…

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