RTC Has Great Cast for Arthur Miller’s The Price


Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 8.45.54 AM This was the play I thought Richard Armitage would be cast in when we first learned that he was following Roundabout Theater and I checked the 2016 schedule. According to Armitage, it is his favorite Arthur Miller play.

Then, it turned out that it was more likely that the RTC play he would appear in was Love, Love, Love.

The cast for the price is near perfect, although the comical/philosophical character of appraiser, Solomon, has not been announced yet. Tony Shaloub and John Turturro have played brothers before in a few episodes of the TV series Monk. Jessica Hecht has made her mark on Broadway, with at least one Tony Nomination for A View From the Bridge ( another Miller play – saw it,  also starring  Liev Shreiber and Scarlett Johansson).

For those of you who opted for a subscription to RTC in order to see Love, Love, Love – see if your third play can be The Price.  Give some thought to what makes this a Richard Armitage favorite, and when it’s over, try to imagine him as Victor Franz. ( With quite a strong NY/Brooklyn accent)

8 thoughts on “RTC Has Great Cast for Arthur Miller’s The Price

  1. Tony Shalhoub is fantastic; still not convinced he’d be incentive to see this play for me. That said, this is interesting — and Turturro really do seem like the “anchors” for this production. I wonder if that’s something Armitage could pull of himself (status wise) in NYC.


    • I saw Tony Shalhoub in Lend Me a Tenor, but it also had Anthony LaPaglia, a favorite. Maybe with the right cast members, he could be a draw – and this is also an RTC production – so captive audience to a point, though on Broadway – so limited run. with possible option for extension. If I were in NY, I would see it.
      Still would love to know what it is about The Price that ranks it so high with Richard Armitage. I wonder whether he views one ofo the roles as something he’s want, or is it just the work, itself. Why more than Salesman or AMS. Maybe he’ll have a chance to mention it during an interview for LLL – wishful thinking – wishful thinking very prevalent these days.


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