1. Exactly what Teresa said. . .I was like, “Why would I pay $25 a month after a 90 day delay when I could pay the 8.99 a month I’m already paying for hulu?” I’ll pay the extra to see it as it airs. The recapping possibilities abound. lol!

    Thanks for the reporting!


    • Amazon yes – Prime – not sure it isn’t one of the add-on channels. You’ll have to check it out. Still – it would just be an additional $ 5.00 or so.


      • I hope it will be added to Amazon Prime … I asked them yesterday, and this is the reply I received: Unfortunately, at this time, we do not have a precise date for the availability of the EPIX show ‘Berlin Station’ and since making this season/title available will need collaborative effort, I hope that you will surely give us a little more time to do the best for you. 😦


          • Also, keep in mind, it will be on Amazon streaming, according to what EPIX and other articles said, but not necessarily free on Prime. It is more likely to be for a cost per episode or part of one of their new extras packages, like the HBO and Starz packages. As I’ve said, from everything I’ve read, it is the producer/owner that determines how and when the content will be shown. This was part of the reason Hulu and Netflix have had conflicts – because one wanted to stack ( show full seasons right away) and the content owners were against that, and also one of the reasons Hulu is having to cut back on next day airings of current shows. I don’t blame EPIX and other networks entirely – they make much more money when they are added to a cable or satellite channel than they do with a streaming service, mainly because of the advertising revenue. On the other hand, i was thinking that a lesser known channel like EPIX, which is trying to add subscribers and break into the premium cable field -since some don’t even know it exists, might do well to use its best and newest programs as Loss leaders to draw new subscribers in. But that may just be my Armitage bias at work. Providers may be less likely to engage with EPIX if they know that the same content is available for cord cutters.


            • in any case they will try to sell to TV channels first as they make way more money of it, netflix and the like are secondary windows of distribution and come next; unless TV channels don’t show interest which is possible as there are a lot of series on offer etc


    • Hopefully it will come to Amazon Prime UK not many moths after… this for sure mean Amzon Prime US , not UK…. i hope we will have some info about international distribution soon..


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