Berlin Station – Not Great News About How/When to Watch

Just to let you all know, especially those considering Sling TV as a means to watch Berlin station, according to EPIX, Berlin Station will not be available until 90 days after it airs on EPIX. This is the same as Hulu.Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 9.29.55 AM

12 thoughts on “Berlin Station – Not Great News About How/When to Watch

    • Ty emailing yourself and see if you get a different answer. I think there is live TV for regular cable, but EPIX is not one of those shows. EPIX Customer Support


  1. You would think that EPIX would want to connect with all the major cable carriers. I have Xfinity–mostly for watching DA reruns online and such. But Xfinity isn’t one of the EPIX choices. Verizon Fios is, but I’m not sure that’s obtainable in my area. Well, at least we’ve all still got 2 months to figure it out. Ha!


    • EPIX does want to connect with more cable carriers. That’s what they’re all about. Obviously the carriers and EPIX have been unable or unwilling to negotiate deals. This is also why there are limits on the terms between EPIX and, say HULU, Amazon and SLING. Why they have the 90 day delay – because otherwise, it is less likely that a cable or satellite carrier will want to engage with EPIX. They want an inducement to get more people to subscribe via cable channel, and fewer to subscribe via another service. It is EPIX that is requiring the delays from the cord cutting services – not the other way around.

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      • Yes, that is a definitely possibility. However, I haven’t come across any articles about EPIX negotiations. So please share your intel. Thanks!.

        And I’m a Downton Abbey fan, and we in the U.S. had 6 month broadcast delays of it on PBS’ Masterpiece Theatre for much the same reason of letting Britain ring the “full juice” out of it before it came to the U.S. However given that strategy, I always thought it odd that the DA dvd sales began not long after each DA season ended in Britain. So if we in the U.S. bought the dvd, we could then see the series earlier than when it would broadcast in the U.S. I always waited to view the series before buying the dvd. Ha!

        I’m just trying to keep hopeful that my Xfinity carrier ends up being one of EPIX’s cable connections for the intial October broadcast. Otherwise, I’m seeking out who might.


          • Thanks, but I had previously made that request to Xfinity to add EPIX. And I had also already looked at the EPIX provider list that their Facebook page linked to a few weeks ago.

            But I haven’t seen much movement in new providers being added to EPIX list. So maybe I’ll look into Verizon Fios. Ha!
            P.S. And we don’t even watch television–I think the dogs spirited the remote away a few years ago. So we only use the “cable” to stream selectively. I was actually going to discontinue our cable subscription to save money until RA’s “Berlin Station” tv show was announced. So I’m in a holding pattern of wait and see for providers–as many of us are.

            Thanks for providing all the helpful links and suggestions!


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