If Richard Armitage Searches For His FB

And this is only the half of it

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 9.34.35 PM

7 thoughts on “If Richard Armitage Searches For His FB

  1. would all be made easier if there was a way to link twitter to facebook and back but i think while you can share your tweets on fb automatically the opposite not sure if true, been a while since i explored the technicalities but not going back to deep dives. Very unlikely postings will be any different, unless he will use FB to post any longer wordy things and then screencap and share on twitter or such. Suspect ‘other pairs of hands’ will have to be involved anyway and this was largely prompted by increased scale of promotion for BSt.


    • It is possible to link fb to twitter automatically. It only shows the first 100 characters of the post and then gives a shortlink back to the Facebook post. Instagram is the same. Basically, it is just a sort of alert to titter followers that there is a new post on FB/Insta.

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