And along comes Cybersmile – I think

I think there ought to be a “sometimes” in there, at the very least.

5 thoughts on “And along comes Cybersmile – I think

  1. The problem with this, frankly, is that it looks an awful lot like what political campaigns do (something I have said many times, so I apologize for repeating myself if I have already said it here). What is a boycott if not “bullying” by this definition?


    • I think his sentence describes the MO of some bullies – not all – not usually cyberbullies, but also describes, as you point out, other legitimate actions. But in his defense, it does also describe certain types of real life bullying. And, it describes Donald Trump’s campaign.


      • And that’s the the connection to fear and division from the previous tweet. However, “bullying” and causting “fear” and “division” aren’t the same thing, either. Trump isn’t a bully because he mobilizes fear (or the vast majority of politicians would be bullies). Note that I am not defending Trump, just drawing a distinction.


        • Distinction, I think – Trump is a bully in his every day dealings, or so we have read,, but that may not accurately define his political campaigning.


          • Yeah — I think what he did with Megyn Kelly or the disabled reporter are plausibly extensions of his normal behavior. I disapprove of it strongly and I wouldn’t like to see it in office, and maybe it’s true that some of his supporters do like that, but that isn’t what his campaign is about (it’s a sideshow) and if you say, for instance, that one of his major points (I watched his rally in Green Bay last night so I got another dose of it) is his “critique” (using that term loosely) of Hillary Clinton, that has bullying elements (name-calling) and exploits the ongoing problem of sexism and the fact that it’s been okay to name-call her for two decades, but there are some actual (albeit simplistic) political points in there — her policy on government spending; her attitude toward US intervention in the world.


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