Richard Armitage, Yaël Farber and Quicksand

I was trying to post this at about 4:30, but I was missing the title and some comment. I had something like @RCArmitage is Impatient,  and I was trying to work something out with fire –  but before I was finished.  a friend stopped by for a drink and some cocktail food.

My friend like Yaël Farber, is a South African Jewish woman, and like Yaël Farber, she wound up in Canada ( but via Israel and London.) Now, she lives in Mexico.

We had an engaging talk on various subjects, as we always do, though, until tonight, I have never gotten her interested in either Yaël Farber or The Crucible.  I succeeded tonight, but she was more interested in Farber’s South African focused work -that might be for another post.

We moved on to  discussing the Olympics, and swimming – and it turns out my friend has a fear of water ( another Richard Armitage connection). But her pram did not fall into a pond.

The story is, that after watching numerous fictional characters get stuck in, sucked in and rescued from quicksand, which I wasn’t even sure was a real thing, I actually met a person – yes, my South African friend, who walked into a pool of quicksand when she  a child in South Africa, and, according to her, got sucked all the way under until only her arm was above the muck, and she pulled out by her mother.


images (6)I just can’t believe I met someone who was stuck in quicksand! I’ll  cross that off my bucket list.

P.S. being submerged under quicksand was what led to my friend’s fear of water and swimming.

Quicksand – damn.





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