Did John Bateman also Kill the Real Daniel Miller?

Only kidding, of course. Thanks to clever fans ( how did they do that?) , they managed to break into the unlocked CIA files on the Berlin Station Website. (can someone tell me how?)

Anyway, the description of Daniel Miller doesn’t come very close to the physical description of the actor playing him. (Brown eyes, only 6 feet tall). Interesting facts though – dual citizenship – German mother, which may be why the character’s name was originally Meyer. In addition to that, it seems like the scenes we saw shot in Spain actually take place before the action in Berlin Station.

Keep it coming, spy fans.


One thought on “Did John Bateman also Kill the Real Daniel Miller?

  1. easy peasy πŸ˜‰ as long as you use Google Chrome that is, all you need to do is hover above an image and right click on Inspect element, it will give you the html details of the script and the direct link to the image (ie any of the other images uploaded) if you click on the link or click open image in new tab you can see them better and save them as well and a pattern in link naming becomes very obvious, sequences numbers and name of operative or map of Berlin and so on. I tried a few, it just didn’t occur to me that Daniel was operative 00 :-p (duh!) Everyone else starting with station chief is 01, 02 and so on.Ie all you have to do is once you understand the naming pattern replace in any of the direct html linkks to any of the images the operative name with Daniel Miller and give it a try in changing the numbering until you find his correct image link.
    Inspect element is a very useful too, and there is nothing illegal about it, the option is available in Google Chrome itself. It’s an easy way to see the actual size of images, sometimes on some pages there are various sizes available and this way you can search through a page script for them or find the link to an embedded video and such things.

    It is why sites which really protect images for copyright reasons disable the right clicks, this way you can’t access this option and pinch images.

    On Daniel, yes , apart from the wrong data – i do think they should correct that to match the actors, – it’s a bit silly not too i think as you want to readers/explorers on the page to have as realistic an experience as possible – the fact he is half German is the most interesting items on there. His German should then be very good… they certainly haven’t made that easy on the actor and we’ll be looking out to hearing it πŸ˜‰ Same goes for Spanish. I was genuinely impressed with the languages they have piled on on these people, and in some cases there is a real assumption given jobs and what they say about Berlin in the sheet about the city that they will be expected to speak in those languages. We will see how they sound πŸ™‚

    But the German element opens a wide door to interesting developments, his connection to the city, friends, relatives etc A good character choice i think, even if it’s tough on R because of the language element.

    The other element i am intrigued by is the existing connection between Dejean and Miller – it i was Miller’s first assignment, which is bound to be significant in terms of his experience and you have to wonder how they got along, what buried skeletons they have in their closets about that period.

    Then there is an element which i am pretty sure was inspired by the London Spy series – ie Hans Richter, the Head of the BfV. I’ll be curious how they exploit that angle, i hope it’s clever and natural and not just there for diversity sake.

    I wonder in general how this would be different if the writing was done this year compared to in the past, the whistle-blower theme vs current terrorist threats. It’s interesting that of all the staff there is only one with Middle Est experience is the deputy Kirsch, which i have i took an instant liking too from he first clip, in the way he put Miller on the spot, v funny that πŸ™‚ I immediately thought this character could be from NY, and he is πŸ™‚ Just something about him πŸ™‚ But, i will keep fingers and toes crossed for the series as with realities unfolding there is plenty of material for a second series and exploring more themes.

    I thought i’d like to be completely spoiler free, but i find these bits of information interesting as it makes you thing about how the writer works and what things are used in the plot and so on. Definitely some good twists in there.


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